Tilting at windmills in a state that has too few of them

In an age where everyone has or once had a blog, where we barf out Tweets and Facebook posts about every single thought we have, it’s hard not to feel as though creating a site like this is arrogant. Why should anyone give a wet sparrow fart about what an unelected yahoo like me thinks about politics? What gives me, a guy who invested six years and tens of thousands of dollars in two English degrees (you’re welcome Mom and Dad), anything that passingly resembles credibility on political issues?

Those aren’t rhetorical questions. Feel free to send me your answers.

I didn’t start this site because I think my opinions are more important or educated than anyone else’s. I know they’re not. I am humbled daily by the brilliant minds of my friends and family who educate and enlighten me so effortlessly it’s almost accidental.

No, I started this site because, quite frankly, being liberal in the state of Nebraska is driving me insane. And not “wacky insane,” like when Cathy gets squiggly lines around her head and yells “Ack!” in the comic strips. I feel legitimately insane, as though what seems so clear and obvious to me is a hallucination to those around me. I live in a city, Omaha, that has stunning racial inequality, a rising and disproportionate murder rate, and a mayor who believes you should be able to fire someone for being gay. For real… Now, ain’t that some bullshit?! I understand that some people (hell, using our voter turnout as a guide, it’s more like MOST people) are able to shrug their shoulders, spit out a “what are you gonna do” or a “both sides are to blame,” and go about their business.

I don’t know how to do that.

Sometimes I wish I did. But when I hear about discrimination against LGBTQ people, I don’t see statistics; I see faces I know and love. When I hear about how segregated my home is, how horrifyingly unequal this place is in terms of race and poverty, I think of families I know who have used federal aid to literally put the minimum amount of food on their child’s plate that week.

I’m insanely privileged. I’m a heterosexual, middle-class white male. I’m, like, the most privileged person that anyone without the last name Bush can be. But I don’t have enough money to run for office. Lower-level political opportunities don’t pay well but require enough time that you can’t actually work a full-time job elsewhere. You want to know why only wealthy people hold office? They’re the only ones who can afford to. So, I donate money, volunteer, and help out however I can. But it never felt like enough. Hell, I know it isn’t enough. In the absence of any other options, I figured I’d put my multiple English degrees (again, you’re welcome Mom and Dad) to work by trying my hardest to share a perspective that is rare in this state. Who knows, maybe it will make a difference.

I don’t know how often I’ll post, but I don’t exactly have a shortage of opinions or words. My cup overfloweth with both of those completely unmonetizable things. I’m not limiting myself to just local political stuff, I’ll get all up in the guts of national politics too. But to start, I’ll be back in a day or so with some thoughts on our race for Governor, where an unlikable, billionaire turd who rode special interest cash and outside money to a primary victory is going to beat a good-hearted, truly rural Nebraskan because the billionaire turd has an R next to his name. Should be fun.

I’m open to suggests and questions, willing to talk about whatever issues are of interest, and am likely to be way, way, way too excited about all of this.

TLDR – Here comes some liberal thoughts from a Nebraskan. Gird your loins.


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