Mean Jean does exactly what we said she would

We warned you. We really did. 

Thanks to the influx of voters from Western parts of Omaha far more concerned about the single issue of taxation, Jean Stothert defeated the incumbent mayor Jim Suttle in the last election. I worked on Jim’s campaign, not just because he was a Democrat but because I actually, truly believed in the man.

Oh, Jim was a fairly horrible politician. He was stilted in communication, came across as curmudgeonly, biffed small decisions, and was not warm, fuzzy, or charismatic. He was just REALLY smart and a REALLY great mayor. But actually doing a good job as mayor doesn’t particularly matter to rich white suburbanites who only vote for someone based on whether they’ll promise to lower property taxes.

Jim cared about the right things, from helping North Omahans rise from poverty to financially planning for the city’s future. During a recession, he kept our economy bustling. He helped us survive the worst flood the modern city of Omaha had ever seen. He made tough calls. He restored our Triple A bond rating. He more or less did everything you could ever want a mayor to do. Well, everything short of being a Republican making promises that couldn’t be kept.

There’s a bombshell new piece of information that was released today. But we’ll get to that in a minute. First, I’d like to take you on a tour of what WE said Mean Jean would do if elected and what she’s actually done.


We said she didn’t play nice with others.

Jean did three things almost immediately after taking office: She bought a gun, bought a dog, and issued a gag order guaranteeing that no one who disagreed with her could ever actually communicate with the public. The very idea that public servants can’t, you know, communicate with the public is the height of insanity. Everyone got riled up about it…and then forgot. This was pretty much how she wanted that to go. Good politicians welcome dialogue. Bad ones say “Shut it, stooge” and hope everyone stops paying attention.

She has done none of the things she promised.

We told you that she was horribly overpromising during the campaign. With 1/4 of her term in the bag, let’s see how she’s done on those promises.

1.) She criticized the restaurant and wheel taxes. Those are still in place with no signs of change. 

2.) She promised no increases in property taxes or any other taxes but that our services would remain the same or expand. Turns out, you have to pay for stuff. Enjoy your departmental cutbacks, Omaha!

3.) Just like she did with the UNMC expansion, Mean Jean runs around saying she supports the Crossroads project, she just doesn’t want to actually fund it

If anyone can point to LITERALLY anything that she did (besides renegotiate a worse contract than the one she previously negotiated with our fire department), I’m willing to listen.

Oh, and one more thing…

Jim Suttle was an engineer before becoming Mayor of Omaha. It was expertise that he leveraged during the flood that happened a few years back. It was also helping him to make informed decisions about the impending sewer situation Omaha faces. Suttle had traveled to Washington about the parameters of these requirements and was making progress in terms of how Omaha would pay for the required changes to our sewer system. 

Happy birthday, Omahans! Mean Jean is raising your sewer tax by 45%

Adorably, she’s calling it a “sewer fee.” Because the difference between a tax and a fee is when a Republican says you have to pay more to the government, it’s a “fee.” This would be the opposite of what she said she’d do. 

It’s a long road to the next Mayoral election. Years, in fact. This isn’t me trying to say “na na na, we told you so!” Okay, so maybe it’s a LITTLE “we told you so.” But it’s a LOT more about trying to demonstrate that every constituent should work to make sure the best candidate to represent them stays in office. I don’t care if you thought Suttle was awkward or out of touch. That dude flat-out managed this city to remarkable success and delivered on what he said he would. Now we have a gun-toting, dog-owning, gag-order issuing Mayor who not only hasn’t lowered taxes like she said to get elected, she’s raised them. 

I love my city. We deserve better than this.


18 thoughts on “Mean Jean does exactly what we said she would

  1. You libtards just don’t understand how government works. Jean Stothart is a hell of a politician and an amazing major! But you wouldn’t know that because you’re just listening to that liberal media. Rank and file comrade you are! Ha!

    • Hooray! I was worried I was doing something wrong since I hadn’t been called names yet by people who can’t spell! For the record, I may conceded Mean Jean is an amazing major (pain). But she’s a terrible mayor. And what liberal media are you talking about IN OMAHA? Let me know because I want to listen/watch it.

    • Ok, Bill. Please enlighten us with your facts about Jean Stothart and her reign as mayor. Surely you can part with some of your wisdom and insight.

  2. I respect your position, but I have a few questions for you…First, the mayor avoided many lawsuits by not agreeing to fund the Crossroads project. Many of the previous projects in the city that allowed private businesses to profit were not funded. She received many many complaints from contractors and investors wanting to know why they were not funded. Would you prefer that the taxpayers foot that legal and liability bill on top of the Crossroads project? The previous mayor turned down many projects, too.
    Second, regarding her issuing a gag order…there were rumors flying that were hurting their ability to have a decent discussion. She took control of that situation and continued the talks. The unioun is quite capable of negotiating and the members’ dues pay for it. However, I am against most gag orders. I agree that the act of a gag order is unconstitutional. With that being said, how do you feel about the president issuing gag orders to the Benghazi survivors and the men who were in the same group as Bergdahl and the IRS employees that work directly for Lois Lerner? I would say those issues are pretty public and the people involved were threatened by the DOJ if they spoke. Thank goodness they disobeyed. I just want to be sure we hold the same standards all the way up the chain.
    Good for you for being outspoken and active! I really do respect your thoughts and I may or may not agree, but you have done more than most just by paying attention.

    • First things first, I appreciate your reasoned tone and respectful approach! That said, when you respond to a post about the Mayor of Omaha with “Benghazi,” “Bergdahl,” and “IRS,” I feel like I’m talking directly to a Fox “News” anchor. To modestly entertain your point for a second, even if there were gag orders issued in the three GOP talking points that are horribly distorted by conservative media, there’s a big difference between the need for national security and Mean Jean telling the head of the DMV for Nebraska that he/she needs permission before talking to the media on a story, which is a thing that has happened. If you dig into the contract dispute with the fire department, that was all her doing. She pulled the negotiations from Mayor Suttle and took them to the city council. When she was elected Mayor, she reversed course. I think you’re a bit off on what I was proposing she do on the Crossroads project as well. What she did was say “We should make this a bond issue” then “don’t make this a bond issue” and then “we’ll cut costs” (but didn’t cut costs, she just phased the project into different steps). Long story short, I’ve talked to a TON of people who support Jean. Not one of them…NOT ONE…can tell me any positive thing she’s done. Not just in office, I mean EVER. She’s the “candidate of no.” She runs AGAINST ideas, she doesn’t have any. She basically rode outside money targeting the restaurant and wheel tax to get to office and then left both in place. Like the blog said, she’s done (and will do) exactly what we said she would.

  3. Ryan, I have actually served in office with Jean on the Millard School Board. I have also watched her as she has been a city council member and Mayor. She has done quite a bit in office and that is why she is mayor. Her record on the Millard School Board was exemplary. Millard has one of the best test scores in the state and has one of the lowest cost per pupil average. She fought the OPS “One City, One School District” effort. If you think the answer is OPS running all Omaha schools, you are nuts! Jean has brought the city fire department’s budget under control and has worked with a Democrat Council to improve the city’s bottom line. Trash her if you want, but she gets results. Great Results!!!!

    • Hey Mike,

      I don’t think holding someone accountable for their record is “trashing” them. In general, I think we tend to confuse actually weighing political records with scrutiny with “attack ads” and “negativity.”

      Two questions: 1.) Can you point me to how she directly implemented plans that were responsible for the test scores? 2.) Did you notice that the only concrete example you gave (wait for it) was one where she OPPOSED something? That’s literally all I have EVER seen from her. 3.) She didn’t bring the fire department budget under control. She negotiated the most expensive contract in the history of the city. That’s the opposite of “getting it under control.” And now, because of that (in part), she’s going to have to issue departmental cutbacks (or raise more taxes, which she won’t do).

      I have given at least 4-5 concrete examples of my problems. All I hear from supporters is some variation of “nuh uh, she’s good!” I need proof! Evidence! Something!

      And for what it’s worth, I didn’t include my “favorite” story about Jean’s legendary “meanness.” When a mother spoke to the council about her transgendered child in an attempt to explain the complexity of those issues, Jean’s response was a curt condemnation saying she wouldn’t be swayed by such theatrics. I know some conservatives who were in attendance who told me it was particularly chilling.

      • Test scores are closely correlated to socio-economic status and has very little to do with the “quality of the schools.” If I put together 20 families where the parents are all college educated and have fairly decent pay and compare them to 20 families that do not, the formers test scores will always be higher regardless of the school. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. Don’t take credit for the clean water when you live next to the river’s rapids.

      • While I’m not a fan of our current Mayor, thats not really a valid point. All you have ever seen her do is appose something? Well that is kind of the niche of the republican party isn’t it? Keep government small and limit its grasp on the rich while convincing those that aren’t rich that this will make them rich?

        Also, a grown a adult referring to a politician as “Mean Jean” seems a bit juvenile. If you uhave enough ammo, why is that necessary?

        Personally, I’d like to see her out of Omaha. But I’m not sure a childish rant is going to accomplish that. Thanks for being passionate, I guess?

      • What’s not a valid point, Travis? I tried to make a number of them. And I’m sorry if you thought this was a “childish rant.” I used facts and links and stuff! As for the Mean Jean label, I didn’t invent that. That’s a nickname she earned during her time at City Council. I do think that it’s unacceptable for any politician to run on “No.” We shouldn’t be voting for people because of what they WON’T do. Thanks for reading and participating in the dialogue though!

    • I don’t think you read it right. I know that it had to be done. Suttle was working on alternative ways to fund it, implementing it in stages, and cutting costs because as a former engineer he knew some places to change things. That being said, my larger point is that she didn’t do anything she said she would, and for a candidate that won blasting taxes, she has repealed none and introduced a biggie.

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