What’s in a name?

I want to begin by saying that I stand with the people who did this:


I too am 100% in absolute opposition to any and all Ill Eagles. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the national tragedy if we lost someone dear to our hearts thanks to an eagle-specific deadly virus. Chin up, Sam. We got you.

You are all WEIRDOS

I’m also against undocumented Democrats. If you are a liberal and choose not to declare yourself a Democrat because you don’t want to conform to the two party system that will continue to dominate American politics for the forseeable future, you need to either be working hard to create a viable third party or get registered. I have this feeling like that may not be the point those talented graffiti artists were trying to make.

It’s funny, but the stupidity of people who are so vehemently opposed to treating immigrants to this country as human beings is revealing. Am I surprised that Americans so angry they have to damage their own public buildings are also so stupid they can’t spell a 7-letter word right? No. No I am not. But their ignorance is echoed not just by their peers but by our elected officials.

Solely on the basis of political posturing, all of our elected officials in Nebraska are seizing on the plight of INNOCENT CHILDREN to score points.

Senator Johanns and Fischer introduced a bill to require states to be notified when “undocumented border children” are relocated. Lee Terry is introducing legislation of a similar nature in the house, claiming:

“The current situation on our southern border has been created by the president’s unwillingness to enforce our immigration laws,” Terry said. “If the President is going to ask me to vote to spend nearly $4 billion taxpayer dollars to fix a crisis he caused, he and his administration need to level with the American people and tell us if these children are being sent into our communities. I continue to believe that it’s in the best interest of each child to be reunited with their parents.”

There’s, like, 10 wrong statements in that word barf from Terry, but here’s the highlights:

  1. This is actually all because of a Bush-era law that requires minors to be given counsel and appear before an immigration judge.
  2. It is absolutely not in the best interest of these children to be reunited with their parents. More on that later.
  3. The laws are actually being enforced. It’s why we know about the crisis. If the kids were skipping into the country unnoticed, THAT would be laws going unenforced.

I swear, the sheer stupidity and unwillingness to approach evidence and facts is turning me into one Ill Eagle.

But the maddest of all is our increasingly lame duck Governor, Dave Heineman. He is stamping and huffing and puffing and blowing even hotter air than usual because he’s so rootin’ tootin’ mad that the government is putting kids in our state without him knowing. So maybe it’s for a good reason. Like, maybe he’s afraid of the undo burden that will be placed on our fair state. Like, imagine if a few thousand kids were just dumped in Omaha. How could we handle it?

There have been 200 undocumented children relocated in THE ENTIRE STATE. That’s 0.00001% of our population.


And actually, let’s talk about the horror because that’s why this post is titled what it is. What nobody is talking about in the GOP, what literally not ONE of our elected representatives here in Nebraska has even mentioned in passing, is that these are not routine “illegal immigrants” skipping the border.

These are goddamn refugees. Actually, let’s be more specific: these are refugee CHILDREN. And the whole of GOP Christendom, who will fight like hell to be able to deny women birth control because that’s what Jesus would want, refuse to address this situation in any way that would resemble Christian-like.

Let’s talk about these children, shall we? Not as numbers, but as human beings.

Fact 1 – They aren’t from Mexico

Not that such a thing should matter, but in today’s political climate, it does. These kids are from Guatemala, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and El Salvador mostly. Many are trying the legal means of filing for asylum. But that process can take a long time. They can’t wait that long. Why?

Fact 2 – They are fleeing horrors like you can’t imagine

Mr. Terry, this is why these kids aren’t “better off back home with their parents.”

“Children, especially, are easy prey for coyotes and transnational criminal organizations and they can be subjected to robbery, violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking or forced labor,” Customs and Border Protection Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske said in a statement last week.

The gang violence and drug-related violence is absolutely unimaginable. Honduras has the highest murder rate IN THE WORLD and El Salvador and Guatemala are in the top 5.

These are, quite literally, scared children running for their lives. And we only care about them as a tax burden.

Fact 3 – If we call them refugees, everything changes

The classification of these children as “undocumented” and not “refugee” is what’s triggering certain laws, it’s what’s preventing us from having a more thorough plan, and it’s preventing the public from being able to separate our border problems (such as they are) from this particular crisis.

These are not “illegals” or “ill eagles.” And not just because a PERSON can’t be “illegal,” only their actions can. These are children running from men who cut off people’s heads and go free. These are kids escaping hell on earth. If we can’t collectively take just a second and prioritize protecting innocent children scared for their lives, what’s wrong with us?

Are we so far gone as a country that when confronted with suffering children we look them in the eyes and say “not my problem?”

Last thing, just for context: The president asked for 4 billion dollars to address this crisis. Over the next decade, according to Congress, we’re going to give oil companies 24 billion in tax breaks.

Priorities, you know?


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