I’ll stop when Mayor Stothert starts telling the truth

It seems so early to do another piece scrutinizing Mayor Stothert. But her website is like a machine that prints half-truths and lies these days. And it’s not an accident. The idea is, if you say things enough, people will begin to believe that they are true despite all evidence to the contrary. 

On the front page of the Mayor’s website, there is a letter. Actually, there are a lot of letters arranged into the shape of lying words. Technically, she’s promoting her 2015 budget. In reality, she’s trying to incept your mind with inaccuracies that she hopes you will grow into full fledged untruths. 

Let’s have some fun, kids!

There’s something criminal about her description of criminal activity

She begins, as she always does, convincing the unwashed masses that live far from her gated community that they are safe.

First, my number one priority as mayor is public safety.  Both the police and fire departments will receive additional funding to reflect this priority.


Specifically for the police department, we have budgeted for 21 additional police officers next year.  This important enhancement to our crime fighting efforts will result in budgeting for 825 sworn officers for our city.  It also approaches my long-term goal of 840 sworn officers, which we will achieve in 2016.


We must continue the progress we are making to reduce violent crime. 

It’s AMAZING what one word can do, isn’t it? Just one little word. “Continue.” If she had left it at “we must make progress to reduce violent crime,” it would be accurate. As it stands, the word continue suggests that there currently IS progress happening. Nope. Not so much.


Every quarter that the Mayor has been in office has seen an increase in assaults. Overall crime is up 10% in the first quarter of this year. Car theft is up by 22% in the first quarter of 2013. Assaults are up 12%. But we must “continue” this process, huh?

It’s one thing to shift facts when you are a candidate who is technically beholden to no duties of office. Our mayor is lyin’ y’all. To our faces.

She is lowering your property taxes (thanks to a tax she ran against) 

One of the most galling parts of the 2013 campaign for Mayor of Omaha was Stothert’s friends running ads TRASHING Mayor Suttle’s restaurant tax knowing that Stothert would have to keep it. She kept it for 2014. She’s keeping it for 2015. 

As I mentioned, this goal is met by the first property tax rate cut in Omaha in 14 years.  We worked very hard to incorporate some measure of property tax relief in our proposed budget. The 2% tax rate reduction will result in citizens paying about two million dollars less in property taxes next year than this year.

The restaurant tax brings in 24 million annually. That tax stays in place. She’s cutting 2 million. And because it’s property taxes, she gets to run around saying “I lowered your personal taxes!” Do you understand how little she lowered them? On a home valued at $150,000, she saved you $15. Don’t spend it all in one place! Or at least, don’t spend it at a restaurant.

I’m a fan of the restaurant tax because I’m a fan of state services. But to claim you’re cutting taxes when you are doling out a few bucks and leaving in place the unpopular tax you ran against is a dick move.

She’s cutting services (but shhhhhh let’s not call it that)

I want you to read this:

General fund spending in several departments will be less next year than this year. In fact, when we started this process, I asked all departments to provide me with a draft department budget less than the current year.

Do you know another way to say “I asked all departments to provide me with a draft department budget less than the current year?” “I asked all departments to cut their budget.” We know that she’s said no job losses, so that means services are getting cut. Which ones? Who knows! Her staff has a gag order, so they can’t talk about it with us.

Look, I don’t mean to be a repetitive nag here, but I’m stunned that she continues to say these things. I guess it’s because she’s getting away with it for the most part? Nobody presses her on these assertions. What I’m saying is, just because a politician says “I’m doing a good job” doesn’t mean they actually are. She isn’t. She’s just trying to make it look that way.


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