Cheating Cheaters Cheat

As promised, I’m back with at least twice-weekly posts from now through election time, whether you missed me or not! As always, suggestions for topics and format (longer, shorter, funnier…whatever) are welcomed!

Let’s start with what was one of the more fascinating developments recently: that time Pete Ricketts and the Republican Secretary of State, John Gale, blatantly broke the law to advantage the GOP candidate.

Former Lieutenant Governor and current holder of a name close to the host of Reading Rainbow, Lavon Heidemann, behaved in a way characteristic of a party that treats women with blatant disregard. His sister filed a protection order against him, and though he “poo-pooed” it as a “family dispute over land,” the actual details of wrist-grabbing sounded bad enough to a judge. Maybe it was when his sister “said Heidemann shouted at her and nearly came over a table at her ‘like a wild man.'” Pete Ricketts’ first gubernatorial decision was to choose a running mate. He chose a “wild man.” So he’s one for one on bad choices.

All of this would have been bad enough to warrant scrutiny over the type of governor Baldy McRichpants would be. But then came the next part. See, the Nebraska law is clear as shit: You can’t change the names on the ballot after September 1 unless somebody dies. Unless he’s a zombie, Lavon Heidemann is very much in the “not dead” camp. So, his name has to stay on the ballot, right? Wrong. Republican John Gale looked out for his buddy, and in a move absolutely and completely contrary to state law, he allowed Heidemann’s name to be removed. He can’t do that. But he did that.

I don’t know what impact on election results this will have or would have had if the name had stayed on there. Really not the point. The point is, wealthy and entitled folks like Pete Ricketts are used to getting their way, even if it’s illegal. This is cheating. You can’t do what they did. It’s funny because the argument that Gale granted was laughably bad.

The Ricketts campaign argued that a constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2000 trumps the deadline that was established in state law. The constitutional amendment requires governor candidates to choose their running mate.

Right…and Ricketts chose Lavon “Sister Scarer” Heidemann. The amendment didn’t say “you get do-overs if your pick is shitty.” The law is the law and should be followed by everyone, regardless of their political party and wealth. This was an illegal move orchestrated by a party that has total control of this state’s government.

Rickett’s first gubernatorial move was picking Heidemann, a toxic candidate. His second was having a buddy in his party circumvent the law.

You want this guy to run our entire state? For serious?


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