Why my friend Amanda should be your friend Amanda

Because this blog started as a rebuttal to the largely one-sided dialogue that happens regarding politics in this state, I tend to be a bit “anti” and not “pro.” I don’t want to say I’m more “negative,” but I haven’t had a real chance to tell you what, or more importantly, who I’m really for.

I am for Amanda McGill.

This is Amanda in her own words.

Because of the politics in this state, she rightfully trumpets her bipartisanship in this ad. I have known Amanda for well over a decade now, dating back to the time she was a competitor on the University of Nebraska at Lincoln’s speech team for which I coached. She has always and will always do what she thinks is right above what any party, donor, or social pressure tells her to do. When she says she will put Nebraska ahead of partisanship, she absolutely means it. Please do not let me, a relentless and unapologetic liberal who holds no office and is beholden to no constituency, singing her praises suggest to you that she would be any kind of “democratic stooge.” Amanda cares about the people of this state first and foremost. Period.

So now, let me tell you why you need to vote for Amanda McGill for state auditor this fall.

1.) She’s smart as hell – Ever since I’ve known Amanda, I’ve known her to be clever as all get out and a heckuva researcher. Her time on the UNL speech team showed me even then that she needed to be informed on all sides of an issue and that, once educated, she would tenaciously defend the position she decided was appropriate. If any opponent or critic tells you this woman is ill-informed or incorrect, you doubt that opponent or critic’s sanity.

2.) She has a gigantic heart – The issues that Amanda has championed during her time in the legislature (which now spans 8 years) are incredibly emotional for many. She is a stalwart defender of Nebraska’s women and children, working on legislation to ensure health coverage and prevent human trafficking. She has tackled issues of mental health, and is so much an expert in that arena that I have personally sought her advice when dealing with family issues.

3.) She’s a productive legislator (not an oxymoron in this case) – The proof isn’t just in the pudding, it’s in the passing. Check out the bills Amanda has passed and proposed here. She runs the full gamut here, folks. She stands up for our military, the environment, at-risk children, you name it. Too often we vote based on perception or promise. Review Amanda’s record. You’ll vote for her because of what she’s done already.

Bear (pun intended) with me a minute: I spent the last weekend in Chicago with my dad at a Chicago Bears game. We drove the seven hours there and back. During that time, he and I talked politics fairly often, despite the fact that it’s only a passing interest for him. We both agreed that, taken as a whole, America’s current political climate is maddening, as the average citizen has very little genuine influence. I corrected him on one point: “not locally. Locally we can make a big difference.”

I get that it’s hard to see politicians as a whole as some kind of champions of democracy right now. On a national level they are frequently petty, greedy, manipulative, and so on. But locally, you can find people who are in it for the right reasons, who got into this mess because they want nothing more than to defend the innocent, protect the vulnerable, and advance the condition of our community.

I have no qualms or hesitations in telling you that Amanda is such a person. Oh, and at a time when women are needed in the political arena more than ever, supporting her is even more important. Vote for her this fall. Donate to her if you can. Hell, volunteer for her if you are able. She’s one of the best this state has to offer, y’all.


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