This is my dad’s first post. He wanted to reach others after he began his recovery. Lots of men who are aging into the retirement age were raised under societal suggestions that seeking medical care made one “weak.” As dad says, they were trained to “play through pain.” I urge you to share this with someone who needs to hear it. Men of dad’s age often distrust doctors and general advice but will listen to their peers. Here’s hoping someone who needs to hear this advice hears it in time!

Roy in Recovery

We don’t ask for directions. We don’t read instructions. We rarely ask for advice. If something breaks, we immediately feel we can fix it by just taking it apart. We yell at the TV during sports events, knowing that no one can hear it. And we feel playing through pain is admirable. We are stubborn because we are guys. You can count me amongst this list.

Since the age of 7 years I had not been in a hospital for any reason, and for the 60+ years that followed, the feeling was that nothing serious would happen and I would die of old age of natural causes. Since nothing had happened, there was no reason to think it would. That was until July 25, 2015.

The shortness of breath, the fatigue, were merely signs of getting old. Since there was no history, there was no concern. I could not be…

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