Deja Voodoo

This wasn’t supposed to be my return to this blog. I was going to warm it up a bit as the election got closer, but the events in Paris and the reaction of the GOP means I can’t wait. Not another minute.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls, and everyone in between or other, I want to tell you a story. It’s a true story. It’s a sad story. It’s a horror story, and we’re the monster.

You see, back in aught-one, after a few monster-people killed Americans (note, that would be Americans of EVERY religious preference), our then President couldn’t rub his two remaining brain cells together with enough force to generate a spark big enough to shed light on the dark lies of a bad man whose heart no longer worked. So we went to war. We went to war with a country who had, and this is vital to remember, never done a single thing to us in the history of ever. We didn’t care. Dick Cheney doffed his cowboy hat and rained hellfire trademarked Halliburton on Iraq. Just because. Because war. Because money. Because fuck you.

We killed bad guys. And we also killed children. We killed shop owners trying to make ends meet, babies, and teenagers in love. And then, when we found there were no weapons of mass destruction, we shrugged our shoulders and left. Now, if another country starts a war for no reason, kills thousands of people, and tells the world to slag off, we call them war criminals. Here in America, we just call them Republicans.

The problem is we made a lot of people in Iraq very mad. So mad, that even some previously not-so-bad people decided to become bad people. I mean, what’s the point, right? If I’m herding goats, minding my own business, and can still get bombed because a bald fuck in America wants a higher return on his investment in murder equipment, why not become a bad guy? Right? So some guys who were bad for a long time and some new bad guys ran from the watchful eye of America in Iraq. They ran into Syria. So now Syrian shopkeepers, new mothers, and teenagers in love are dying at the hands of bad men we sent their way.

So the Syrians run. They flee their home. It doesn’t matter that place is all they’ve ever known, that their families are all grounded there. This is life or death. To stay is to know at any minute everyone you love could just be bomb-blinked out of existence. They beg for help. They say “please.” They say “if we stay here we will die.” And Germany says “we will find you a home.” And Iceland says “Our government isn’t doing enough, stay in with us in our houses.” And America says “Fuck you, you may be a dirty terrorist.”

These people are running from the evil that we created and pointed at them. ISIS may as well carry a “Created by the 43rd President of the United States” label. We are Victor Frankenstein, and the monstrous conglomeration we built is slaughtering innocent people. And we not only look away, half our political system wants to pass laws that will ensure we NEVER help the people suffering solely because of us. And these shallow, sad, ignorant bigots who want to pass these laws have the audacity to call themselves Christians. As though they don’t worship a religion that has at its core the story of a family from the Middle East looking for shelter who were turned away by those they sought help from. No one who would deny safety to innocent men, women, and children can call themselves a Christian and mean it.

We know this story. We know this song by heart. We sing it every election cycle, as the GOP whips its base into as hateful a place as possible. “Fear,” they chant. “Fear everyone who doesn’t look like you,” they say. It is as tired, ugly, and awful as it is depressingly effective. At a time when we of all nations should be offering compassion, we are once again showing hate. At a time when victims of the attacks in Paris could see mirror images in Syrian faces, we have presidential candidates talking about shutting down mosques.

Don’t you tell me “both parties” are to blame. Don’t you tell me “I can’t tell the difference” between Democrats and Republicans. I won’t pretend for a second that we have a perfect record. Hell, we may not even be batting .300, but if I am given only two choices, I will choose the side that seeks compassion before the side that seeks war. I will choose the side that treats all human life with dignity and not just those who fall in their same demographic. I will pick the side that acts like Christians and not the side that calls themselves by that name louder but does the opposite.