State of Embarrassment

Today, repugnant half-formed tadpole and execution-obsessed nitwit Governor Pete Ricketts announced he wouldn’t be attending a speech in Omaha given by the President of these United States. Largely met with sighs from liberals and “huzzahs” from conservatives, the news fit inside a narrative we have grown all too comfortable with: The GOP treating the office of the President as irrelevant so long as a black man is sitting inside the oval office. Now, you can pretend that this is just regular old “partisan politics.” But the only way to show that behavior towards President Obama by Republicans is radically different than past behaviors would be to, I don’t know, show that the last time a white Democratic sitting president was in Nebraska during a Republican Governor’s term they met cordially.

Johanns Clinton

Huh, well shit…

This week, I have watched as so-called patriots from the conservative side stormed the Facebook page of the University of Nebraska Omaha, littering comments on the announcement of the President’s arrival with hateful, ignorant rhetoric. As if college students meeting the President of the United States isn’t a singular, amazing opportunity. That’s vile and irritating. But (hopefully) those chuckleheads don’t hold elected office. For the same reason that I get to call Pete Ricketts a potato-headed simpleton who owes everything in life to his sperm of origin, Joe and Jane Average Citizen have the green light to barf moronic crap on the Internet. But when the highest ranking official in this state spurns the President, essentially saying he would love to come but he’s got “tons of homework,” it is a black mark on our state.

Years ago, the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks went on stage and said she was embarrassed that she was from Texas, home of then President George W Bush. This was after he started a war that killed untold thousands for what it turns out was no good reason whatsoever. She got death threats. The band, whose most popular single at that point was in praise of troops, saw a backlash so significant, it filled a whole (fascinating) documentary. Today, the Governor of Nebraska spurned the President of the United States, and everyone is acting like we should have just expected it.

The overwhelming majority of Americans think the country’s politicians are out of control. Maybe it’s time we got mad, not just about the big things, but about the little ones that signal an unwillingness to serve with the dignity we used to demand of our elected officials. And maybe it’s time we don’t just keep that anger to Tweets and Facebook posts. Here’s a page with the Governor’s contact information. Let him know what you think of this choice. I expressed my displeasure but also volunteered to copyedit his State of the State speech he’s allegedly working on to free up time for him to go. I said he could send it to me via email, but I’m pretty sure it’s written in crayon. So…



3 thoughts on “State of Embarrassment

  1. Hi Ryan, I just found your blog this evening. I, too, live in Omaha and am a liberal frequently despairing of the attitudes of my fellow Nebraskans. I appreciate your writing!

    As for the Governor and the Mayor of Omaha, we must keep in mind that what they are aiming for above all else is the destruction of civil society so they and/or their billionaire masters can rule over a medieval-level fiefdom of ignorant, powerless serfs, unregulated by civil rights, environmental laws or any other constraints on their greed. That’s the goal. Nothing we say and no kind of protest is going to change their desires. What can be done is relentless exposing of their sociopathic intentions, like you’re doing. I thank you for it! It’s heartening to find another liberal here!

  2. Thank you for this blog. He somehow managed to arrange his schedule to see the President at the base but that doesn’t make up for bad behavior. i truly believe that we have to stand up against this crazy ass backward attitudes. Politics needs a makeover and fast. Thank you again.

  3. Wow. I’m loving your blog. I live in Council Bluffs, so I get to see this all go down, but not have a vote in it. I do, however, get to vote in the caucuses coming up, and I cannot WAIT for that. I’m a blue working in a red state… and unfortunately my state could swing either way. It’s rather purple that way.
    Anyhow – I’m working on an upcoming blog post for some caucus themed cocktails – it may help you out with your feelings about Ricketts. What an idiot!

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