5 Dos and Don’ts for Dems

Some of these should really go without saying, but ever since social media gave everyone a tiny bullhorn, many confuse having an outlet for an opinion with a need to share useless and stupid opinions with others.

Let’s start easy:

#1 – Don’t: Badmouth a civil rights icon. Ever. ESPECIALLY NOT ON RACE ISSUES.

Did it sting for those of us who #FeelTheBern to hear Representative John Lewis mention that he “never saw” Bernie during the height of the civil rights movement? A little. Does that justify calling the last surviving member of the “Big 6” civil rights leaders a liar or a sellout? You must be out of your GODDAMNED MIND! Holy SHIT this is a bad move. Stop it.

#2 – Do: Remember we generally agree with one another.

You may want to vote for Hillary, the better politician. I may want to vote for Bernie, the idealist. We both want better protection for minority groups, income equality, women’s health access, and on and on. AND SO DO BOTH CANDIDATES. We are dealing with differences in methodology and priorities, people. Stop trying to insinuate the other side is somehow secretly a member of Cobra or, worse, a closet Republican.

#3 – Do: Realize some people who support your candidate blow ass.

Glass houses and all that shit. Every time I see a Hillary supporter poo-poo the oft-discussed-yet-rarely-actually-seen-in-the-wild Bernie Bro and feel all high and mighty, I immediately see one of her supporters hype up some superdelegate bullshit or disparage Bernie supporters as naive idiots. Just try to remember that your candidate has the support of as many loudmouth idiots as the opposing candidate. And all of ours combined wouldn’t total a fraction of 1% of the loudmouth idiots that support any of the GOP candidates.

#4 – Don’t: Share articles without reading them.

Oh, how wildly embarrassing this is to see. You gotta actually read the whole thing, y’all. Got. To. Read. THE. WHOLE. THING. The whole thing!!! Because you sharing it is like saying (at the least) “I think this is worth reading.” If, in the final paragraph of what started as a promising thinkpiece, the writer devolves to some froth-mouthed rant, we all wonder why you shared it. I will judge you for this. I will judge you so hard. And so help me if you share a satire piece like it’s real…

#5 – Don’t: Discourage each other from participation.

Dems win elections when we have big turnout. It’s the reason the GOP tries to do everything they can to make it more difficult to vote. They’re not protecting the sanctity of voting, they know they win if you say “screw it” and don’t show up. With that in mind: Hillary supporters running out that superdelegate shit is BAD NEWS BEARS. It makes people hate the system so much they choose not to participate. “My vote doesn’t matter anyway” is said in response to the existence of things like superdelegates. And remember, we all want a big turnout. So in your desire to quell any shaky-frontrunner status for Hills, don’t mouth off about the thing that makes some people hate voting. And fellow Berners, as I’ve asked before, please tone down the “I won’t vote for anybody but Bernie” talk. I don’t want other people getting that horrible idea from you. And it’s a really, really horrible idea. Like, the worst idea. Ever.

I’m sure there are more, but this was mostly prompted by seeing colossally stupid things being said about John Lewis on Twitter. Do you know what I want to hear about the civil rights movement from a white millennial? “I’m sure glad it happened!” That’s it. That’s all I want to hear. Y’all are gonna kill me, I swear.


One thought on “5 Dos and Don’ts for Dems

  1. Ryan —

    Do I need your permission to share this post on FB…if I pinkie-swear that I “Read. THE. WHOLE. THING.”? I’m a boomer for Bernie, helping administer the NE Women for Bernie FB page. There is nothing I admire more than a writer who is skilled, honest, direct, and even appropriately profane…except, of course, “an icon of the civil rights movement.” My lord, you write with a powerful voice!

    Just want to post on my personal FB page — with proper credit given, of course.

    Deb (%

    *”Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde*

    On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 4:51 PM, Feeling Blue in a Red State wrote:

    > ryansyrek posted: “Some of these should really go without saying, but ever > since social media gave everyone a tiny bullhorn, many confuse having an > outlet for an opinion with a need to share useless and stupid opinions with > others. Let’s start easy: #1 – Don’t: Badmouth a” >

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