Who I’m Mad at More Than Donald Trump

Presumed sociopath and confirmed moron Donald Trump is a detestable asshole. The single best justification for his existence is the hilarious site that puts quote from Jenna Maroney from “30 Rock” over pictures of the human traffic cone in a toupee.


And yet, Donald Trump isn’t the person I am most upset with in American politics right now. Trump is who he has always been: A naked emperor who doesn’t even bother to act like he’s wearing clothes; he just tells you “many people are saying that he was wearing the finest garments the whole time” and you’re a dummy for not knowing that. He makes no attempt to hide who and what he is. Fighting with a baby and insulting a Gold Star family was in absolutely no way off-brand for this shrimp-dicked loser who likely has less real financial assets than I do.

You may assume then that my animosity is strongest for the leaders of the Republican party who laid the groundwork for this human penis puppet to win the GOP nomination. Truth is, they are who they’ve always been too: Self-absorbed, myopic cash-grabbers more concerned with accumulating wealth and personal power than anything else. They’ve never once considered how detrimental to our democracy it is to have one of the only two viable parties in our system go loco for Coco Puffs. So long as the special interest checks kept coming, their eyes were watching that false God. At the end of the day, Paul Ryan still cares more about Paul Ryan than anyone or anything else, and that’s not a surprise to anyone who has seen those pictures of him flexing in that red baseball cap.

I’m also not the most mad at pundits and commentators. Their job has long been to give slobbery wet kisses to logic-defying positions held by those who sail beneath their ideological banner. If you can still manage to be outraged by Ann Coulter, you’re the only reason she still has a career.

So who am I most mad at?

I’m mad at the silent.

I’m mad at the intelligent, humane majority of Republicans who aren’t publicly deploring the state of their party. I’m furious with the educated, knowledgeable masses who are content to sit inside this house while it burns around them. I’m outraged by the bulk of conservatives failing to rise and demand better than a candidate who won’t disavow the Klan, who spreads lies as surely as he’s spread STIs, who is unrepentant and naked in his misogyny, who represents a clear and present danger to our security according to any and all who appraise him.

That infamous and depressing Edmund Burke quotation has been banging around my head, as the weeks of Trump’s inane candidacy stretched into months.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

I am furious at those doing nothing.

Because I refuse to believe that this fascist zealot really stands for this many Americans. No, he stands because they refuse to. He stands because they are unwilling to demand better. He stands because millions sat and sit on their hands, refuse to call out blatant evil, and won’t hold accountable a process that left a narcissistic mongoloid as a mouthpiece with a huge megaphone.

Watching some Republican statesmen condemning Trump long after their voices would have done any good is embarrassing. That it is unlikely to move purely partisan voters from their solid red voting patterns is all the more cowardly. You know, I have a lot of old bumper stickers on my car. They are the ghosts of candidates past. Some haunt me with near-miss failures, others inspire me with a legacy they’re still shaping. But I would stand up and be accounted for supporting each one of them, even those that lost.

May the ghost of the Trump candidacy haunt every person who failed to raise their voice against him.


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